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The revealing dream
(“THE WAY IT CAME TO ME” – By its inventor: Agustín J. L. Pérez)
“Even though I am an Electronics Technician, I have worked for many years in Advertising and wondered why even today the industry is still using the “Scratch & Win” system for discount coupons and promotions in general, particularly given the fact that it causes no huge impact on the public. Then, one night after going to bed, I had a dream, and as I’m also a musician. a guitar player, I dreamed of a strange scene wherein I was playing strings which, in turn, made the strings of other instruments nearby to also ring by resonance effect. So everything I played was doubled by other guitars around me. When I woke up and recalled the dream, I immediately knew that it was the way to proceed with that problem of Data Storing. What's more, I recall that Pythagoras, who was also a musician and mathematician (he played the lira, which was indeed the “guitar” of his time) was inspired by his instrument in the discovery of the musical intervals and the harmonic production phenomena, which leads directly to the resonance effects in the behavior of strings and from there to signal analysis (of waves), further developed in more detail by Fourier around the XIX century. Going back to the dream I had, I thought that if I could put together blocks of strings pre-arranged within the block, each string would enter into resonance every time an outside source of waves of the proper characteristics impinges on it. This way, a complete harmony of sounds (a particular “Symphony”) would take place within the cavity of each block, triggering resonances and selectively turning on and off (coupling and cancelling) each string within the block structure, in a similar fashion to the Celestial Symphony that Pythagoras envisioned being produced by the planets traveling around the sun on a macroscopic scale. Thus, the final challenge was to “adapt” such vision, to transform that symbolism into technologically appropriate materials and resources. To that end, we had to replace those guitar strings in the original dream with other oscillating elements capable of being applied to matter in controlled conditions forming arrangements (groups) according to categories of frequency responses, as real strings do. After lots of work, we discovered that we could fine tune particles so they would react selectively to emitters of waves with specific characteristics and that by pigmenting them selectively they would fall into chromatic varieties (wave filtering) and that when located within the Data Blocks according to pre-established designs they would resonate as if they were precisely tuned strings. Once we were able to achieve this, our shouts were heard even from the Ancient Greece (EUREKAAA!, of course!). (PS: So, the remaining is my hope and desire that People may enjoy from now on its boundaries and benefits as much as I’ve enjoyed the challenge of bringing it to Earth in such a mysterious and unexpected way. I would also want to help spread the message that “the most brilliant idea may arise from the humblest head” and therefore none should pride himself to be more than others. Let’s celebrate together this marvelous and magical experience called Life!) Agustin J. L. Perez

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