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HOW IT WORKS For each individual security and identification solution, we, the people at Promotron, have developed and patented a new technology based on a tamper-proof set of particle sized blocks (“bricks”) of information called DATABLOCKS. Each “brick” produces its own internal waves phenomena when exposed to a fitted source of energy (including resonance effects and typical harmonics production), providing a unique and own set of ID values (AtomID parameters) as a result of several particle interactions (particles collision) and typical responses of energy. Those units perform, all together, a “data-wall”, a monolithic structure of woven blocks of information carrying not only an ID each one but a full code as a whole, allowing the creation of series (non repeated ID´s) far larger than 4.700 sextillions (4,7 x 10 21) of different codes. The applications vary from Passports to the Pharmaceutical Industry and from Credit Cards to Art Works, including all imaginable situations wherein a very accurate ID should be assign to any product or person. In addition, this is affordable at a very low cost despite its extremely high security level. Finally, the recognition is performed by using proprietary low-cost reader devices (with a manufacturing cost lower cost than that of the average bar code reader and free of maintenance).When the technology is applied for the purpose of determining the authenticity of products, for example, users are able to read the unique AtomID codes at any stage of the product’s life cycle in real time – no labs, no tests, no wait required.

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