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A revolutionary new technology for data theft prevention A brand new approach for storing data onto a variety of supports which results in a unique technology 100% impossible to clone or counterfeit, meant to be applied to Credit Cards, Pharmaceuticals, Tickets, Internet accesses, Telecommunications, and a long list of products and services. This disruptive technology embodies a novelty including data production (supports) and ad-hoc reader devices, which, as opposed to magnetic-strip, RFID or Smart/Cards technologies, is absolutely invulnerable. THE ACTUAL PROBLEM • All of us for sure know someone (if not ourselves) who has been a victim of any modality of id theft: credit card cloning, phishing, etc. • Everybody has at least once bought something that was not an original. Existing technologies applied to protect people against id theft, credit card cloning, and even product counterfeiting such as pharmaceuticals stand far below the far below the threshold of minimum acceptable security standards. . Each and every area of our lives wherein id uniqueness is required to provide authentication and security is exposed to criminal organization practices, cloning and creating false documents and labels literally identical to the originals and capable of causing huge economic losses and of risking public safety and health. The application of AtomID technology’s security codes prevents 100% cloning or counterfeiting of any kind of documents or products. Atom ID is: - A technology never seem before, radically different from all current options on the market options - Based on proven scientific principles - Unlimited life-span, data does not fade away or erase with time Atom ID is not: - A Magnetic Strip - Optical Amplification (Nano or "DNA" printing) - On Chip Solution (Nano or Micro Chips) - Radio Frequency Identification - Light Sensitive Ink


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