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Time of Truth
A fact beyond any word Here we present what will be the banner of the Worldwide Fraud Challenge campaign: a unique event that will shock the world. Having in mind that Internet is full of examples on how current security technologies result broken in a few minutes, then you will realize the impact that will acquire such an event like this were a full 30 day period will be allowed to every person in the world to try to break this technology, plus a reward of 100,000 US Dollars on the table. In this way we are going to prove in an empirical and indisputable way what AtomID can really do improve the security of sensitive data. This will be a fact beyond any word. You can have an early approach to the overall mechanism all along the text in the banner below. However we are developing different modules of the campaign, and we will invite universities, technological institutions, and everyone willing to help improving Security. So we will glad to count on you all along this processes. Fell free to write us telling us your ideas, so we can built this up together.


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